First appt with dr. Maynard went amazing! Great interaction and made me feel like my questions were important. Only reason for 4 stars was my appointment was at 1:15, and they were supposed to be back from lunch at 1, but the receptionist didn't get back and unlock the door until after 1:30, so by the time I filled out paperwork and everyone waiting was seen, I didn't get called back until after 2.

Desirea W. | Apr 16, 2022
I had planned a home birth with a midwife, but had complications along the way that resulted in a c-section at Tacoma General. As it turns out, Dr. Maynard is the Ob/gyn that many midwives trust for hospital transfers. He is incredible, dedicated to his work, and obviously cares for his patients. I'm now 10 days post-partum and I'm healing well. My scar is minimal. Thank you, Dr. Maynard.

Bridget T. | Apr 08, 2022
Had a high risk pregnancy because baby was diagnosed with birth defect. Before getting assigned to high risk OB my baby passed away. I needed induction for stillbirth labor and my midwife works with Dr. Maynard. He took me in immediately the same I needed the induction, even though I was not his patient. He was very compassionate, gentle, listened and honored every one of my desires. I highly recommend Dr. Maynard!

Valentina .. | Apr 08, 2022
Dr. Maynard is very attentive and a great listener. As a woman I always wait for that first physically exam to see if the doctor is professional and is just doing his or her job and "nothing extra or that causes me to feel uncomfortable! He's a great doctor and I'm extremely comfortable with him when on visits are hard for me to go to. Totally non judgemental. He's an excellent surgeon as well. He did one of my cesareans and will deliver my second in a week here. I highly recommend him.

Self-verified Patient Of Steven Maynard .. | Apr 08, 2022
Dr. Maynard delivered my first baby and I am so glad he was my doctor. I experienced a complication during delivery and he acted quickly to ensure my health and well-being was a top priority. He had a phenomenal bedside manner and checked in on me often. I am so thankful he was my provider! I would highly recommend to anyone seeking a wonderful and personable doctor.

Amanda D. | Apr 08, 2022
I’m very impressed with the kindness and attention to trying to make me feel comfortable and painless as getting iud remover and new one out in! He was amazing so very Gentle he also had two assists. This was my 3 iud and he was the first one every to ask if I would like to have local Numbing so it didn’t hurt to bad, it was so amazing very very greatful I was referred to him and after it only took me a few mins to be up and out. In the past I was in a ball in tears for a hr and sick and white from pain. I told my mom about him she wanted his number. I said dose this mean u can my OB now he smile said yes I except! He has a really claim about him and takes time. Thank u for the great job of u and ur team the trainee is awesome she is very kind !

Katie G. | Apr 08, 2022
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