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Vaginal Birth After Cesarean services offered in Tacoma, WA

Many women want to know if they can have a vaginal birth after a cesarean, and the answer is not always straightforward. Women in Tacoma, Washington, who choose to work with Steven Maynard, MD, at Rainier OB/GYN, can rely on an honest and science-based discussion of the chances of delivering vaginally after a C-section. Begin the process by calling the office or scheduling a visit online today.  

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Q & A

What is a vaginal birth after a cesarean?

When a mother welcomes a child into the world through a cesarean or a C-section, the chances are high that subsequent deliveries will also be performed surgically. However, vaginal birth after a cesarean is possible given the right circumstances. 

Some women attempt a trial of labor, which simply means they attempt a vaginal birth after a previous C-section. That approach still allows the chance to shift to a surgical delivery if you or your baby show signs of distress while attempting a vaginal birth. 

Am I a good candidate for vaginal birth after a cesarean?

Dr. Maynard performs a thorough assessment before determining if you are a good candidate for a vaginal birth after a cesarean. Many factors go into this decision, and you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and learn more about the best way to welcome your newest family member. 

These conditions increase the chances that you can successfully deliver vaginally:

  • You’ve had a previous vaginal delivery
  • You go into labor before or close to your due date
  • Your previous cesarean procedure used a horizontal incision placed low on your uterus
  • You and your baby have been in good health throughout your pregnancy
  • You’ve only had one C-section previously

The labor and delivery process can be unpredictable. Things can change very quickly, so remember that even if you seem like a great candidate for a vaginal birth, you could still end up delivering via C-section. 

What should I expect if I choose vaginal birth after Cesarean?

As your due date approaches, you can expect to be monitored more closely to ensure you are still on track for a vaginal delivery. It might be necessary to come to the hospital to be induced, which can increase your chances of delivering vaginally. 

If you’re hoping to give birth vaginally after a cesarean, it’s essential to have a clear plan for where you will give birth. Not all hospitals are equipped for complex deliveries, so you’ll want to avoid long-distance travel as your due date nears. 

It’s also a good idea to plan for help from your support network as you prepare for birth. As with all pregnancies, even the best birth plan can change at the last minute, and knowing you have help at home can relieve a great deal of stress as you enter labor. 

To explore various labor and delivery options, schedule a visit at Rainier OB/GYN online or by phone today.