Preparing for Delivery

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Things to Do Before Delivery

The following list includes things that should be done before delivery and before you bring your new baby home​

1. Know when to go to the hospital 2. Be pre-registered at the hospital where you plan to give birth - take a tour of the birth center!
3. Know how long to fast before admission (including food and drink) 4. Know day and night phone numbers for your health care provider's office and the labor and delivery unit
5. Have transportation to the hospital planned ahead 6. Know where to go when you get to the hospital (including the after-hours entrance)
7. Have arrangements made if you plan to do cord blood collection or donation

Supplies You'll Need for Your Newborn

1. Infant car seat as required by law 2. Breastfeeding supplies, such as a nursing bra and pads - Most hospitals have a lactation consultant available to help develop a healthy feeding plan
3. Baby bottles and nipples, even if you are planning to breastfeedBreast Pump (Insurance may help with cost - Breast milk can be refrigerated for 5-7 days and frozen for up to 3 months)
4. Formula if you won't be breastfeeding 5. Diapers
6. Changing table, cotton balls, wash cloths, mild soap, diaper rash ointment, hair brush, and thermometerInfant sleepers, T-shirts, and receiving blankets
7. Sweater and a hat for your baby 8. Crib sheets and blankets
9. Waterproof pads for crib or lap 10. Crib, cradle, or bassinet

What to Pack for the Hospital

1. Medical coverage information 2. Support or nursing bra and breast pads
3. Socks and slippers 4. Lip balm
5. Music/CDs that you would like to listen to during labor 6. Loose fitting clothes to wear home
7. Toothbrush, toothpaste, and hairbrush/hair-tie 8. Telephone numbers of family and friends
9. Infant sleeper with legs, or T-shirt and a diaper for baby to wear homeFavorite pillow, breast feeding pillow
10. Baby blanket**Infant car seat**